Dave McGrath, a.k.a. Voodoo Dave, draws from the musical traditions of Africa, Cuba, and Latin America when sharing his passion for percussion.  From the laid-back rhythms of Brazilian Samba to syncopated Afro Cuban grooves or hard driving  West African Drum and Dance,  Dave always seeks to find  the place  where music is life and life is music.

Dave has been living on the West Coast for the past 27 years and has travelled extensively, performing, studying, and teaching drumming.

Percussionist/Teacher/Composer/Drum Maker

 "I began my rhythmic journey in the winter of 1993 in a central Mexican town called San Miguel de Ayende. One night, I found myself with drummers and dancers, and a djembe in my lap. I played all night long! I had discovered my passion; moving people emotionally, physically, and spiritually through the power of the drum.

Since that night, I have followed the drummers’ path and have been fortunate to have found talented and experienced teachers along the way. I am forever grateful to them for generously sharing their knowledge with me - after all, knowledge not shared, is lost."